Knuth LabTurn 2028 2-axis CNC Lathes

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Working Area

Workpiece length (max.) 11 in

Turning diameter over bed 8 in

Turning-Ø over support 4 in


Travel X-axis 3.4 in

Travel Z-axis 6 in


Speed range 100 – 3,000 rpm

Spindle mount MK 3

Spindle bore 1 in

Lathe chuck diameter 4 in

Rapid Feed

Rapid feed X-axis 78.74 in/min

Rapid feed Z-axis 78.74 in/min


Feed speed X-axis 39.37 in/min

Feed speed Z-axis 39.37 in/min

Max. torque feed motor X-axis 1.62

Max. torque feed motor Z-axis 1.62

Tool Head

Number of tool stations 4 positions

Tool shank dimensions 0.3×0.3 in

Boring bar mount diameter 0.5 in


Positioning accuracy X-axis 0.00087 in

Positioning accuracy Z-axis 0.00087 in

Repeatability X-axis 0.00039 in

Repeatability Z-axis 0.00039 in


Tailstock quill diameter 1 in

Tailstock quill stroke 1 in

Tailstock taper MT 2

Drive Capacity

Motor rating main drive 1.3 Hp

Measures and Weights

Overall dimensions (length x width x height) 56x36x73 in

Weight 792 lbs

Additional information



Overall dimensions

56 x 36 x 73 in

Motor Rating

1.3 Hp


3.4 in


6 in

Rapid Feed Z-axis

78.74 in/min

Rapid Feed X-axis

78.74 in/min

Tailstock Quill Stroke

1 in

Tailstock Quill Diameter

1 in

Workpiece length (max.)

11 in

Tailstock taper MT


Spindle Bore

1 in

Turning Diameter Over Bed

8 in

Speed Range

100 – 3000 rpm

Number of Tool Stations

4 positions


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