Knuth HPS 45 H Ironworkers

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Working Area

Number of hydraulic cylinders 1 positions

Punch press

Pressure force 49.5 t

Punch capacity (max.) 0.87×0.59 in

Diameter x thickness 1.5×0.3 in

Throat 7 in

Stroke 1.4 in

Stroke number (at 20 mm stroke) 20

Working height 37 in

Steel cutter

Cutting capacity flat (max. width) 11.8×0.5 in

Cutting capacity flat (max. thickness) 8×1 in

Knife length 13 in

Cutting capacity round 1 in

Cutting capacity square 1 in

Steel cutter working height 37 in

Profile cutter

Cutting capacity 90° 3.9×3.9×0.4 in

Cutting capacity 45° 2.4×0.2 in

Profile cutter working height 44.68 in


Plate thickness (max.) 0.31 in

Width 1 in

Depth 4 in

Drive Capacity

Motor rating hydraulic pump 5.4 Hp

Measures and Weights

Overall dimensions (length x width x height) 53x31x58 in

Weight 2,640 lbs

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Overall dimensions

53 x 31 x 58 in


7 in

Motor Rating Hydraulic Pump

5.4 Hp

Plate thickness (max.)

0.31 in

Cutting Capacity

45° 2.4×0.2 in


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